Emergency Dentist North Adelaide

There are several emergencies we see at Smile Bright Family Dental.

1) Toothache
2) Broken tooth
3) Lost filling or cavity
4) Traumatic loss of a front tooth (Avulsion)

Smile Bright Family Dental allocates appointment each day to deal with dental emergencies and if you need one of these limited appointments, please ring us first thing in the morning.

1) Toothache

This is one of the most common, distressing and debilitating dental emergencies. They can be difficult to manage at home because they often start at night and don’t always respond to painkillers. They can be set off by hot or cold foods or spontaneously.

Keep hot and cold foods clear of the tooth that is giving trouble. Try and keep the area clean. For most people, the best pain relief can be achieved taking a combination of ibuprofen (e.g Nurofen) and paracetamol (e.g. Panadol) at full dose. Check with your pharmacist or medical practitioner if you are able to take these and follow the instructions on the packet. It is important not to exceed the dose stated on the packet.

If the pain is associated with a swelling that is causing your eye to close or you are having trouble swallowing or breathing you will need to seek urgent treatment from a dentist or the hospital emergency department.

Obviously attending to the problem when you have early warning signs, like a hole or temperature sensitivity, is easier than waiting until it has fully developed into a full blown toothache. Please call 03 5298 2511 to make an emergency dental appointment.

2) Broken tooth

Front tooth – this needs to be dealt with urgently if it’s a front tooth that has broken as a result of a knock. If you have a large fragment of the front tooth, bring it along with you to your appointment. Avoid hot or cold foods or drinks and keep the tooth clean. Needless to say wearing a well fitting mouthguard will prevent these issues when playing contact sport.

Back teeth – Teeth with fillings or decay can often fracture as a result of fatigue. They can be sharp to the tongue and collect food. Keep the area clean with a toothbrush and if possible put dental wax temporarily around the sharp portion. Make an appointment to get this dealt with within a week.

3) Lost filling or cavity

A lost filling or hole in a tooth will often develop in to larger issues if not dealt with early. Keep hot or cold foods away from the tooth and keep it clean with a toothbrush and floss. Click here to make an appointment.

4) Tooth knocked out (avulsion) of front tooth.

This is an urgent problem if it involves an adult tooth. The upper front incisors are the ones most often avulsed and often as a consequence of a trauma. The aim is to get the tooth back in as soon as possible without contaminating the root surface or letting it dryout.

Attempt to put it back in the socket, if possible, holding the crown and not touching the root. If the tooth is soiled, then either wash it in milk or saline before putting it back in. If it is not possible to put it back in, store the tooth in a glass or milk, saline or if these are not available, in the patient’s cheek. Make an urgent appointment to see a dentist or failing that, an emergency hospital department.

If there has been a loss of consciousness or associated injuries, it is important to also seek medical attention. Obviously try and prevent these injuries by wearing a well made mouthguard. To arrange an appointment to deal with an avulsed tooth or to make a mouthguard call us at (08) 8239-1140 or  click here.